To St. John’s, NFL

There’s a certain lull after every life-changing experience.  After a 25hr+ journey back from South Africa to Canada, the nostalgia fully set in as I resumed my life back at home.  Seeing family again and[…]

The Little Things

It’s always the little things that stick.  The past eight weeks have been a whirlwind.  My Emzingo journey in South Africa has made me fall in love with thirteen other crazy students and this beautiful[…]

Dear Emzingo Family

Dedicated to the group I had the pleasure to spend the past eight weeks with.  Filled with inside jokes and not-so-subtle jabs.  Read at your own risk.   I am writing this message on the[…]

Meet the Mamas

Our home in Johannesburg is a beautiful B&B located in Auckland Park.   A historic house with intricate ceilings and a stunning view of the sunset every night, the B&B employs several ladies who we call[…]

Kruger: Lost in Another World

The craziest thought through my mind during the Kruger trip was the change in perspective.  Here, in the open, our spot on the top of the food chain was no longer certain.  As we observed[…]

Eagle Pose

A quick look back to Cape Town when our cohort went on a Cape Peninsula tour.   We stopped along a scenic route to grab some nice pictures.  I’ve identified a reoccurring theme when we[…]

Table Mountain (is no joke)

Have you ever walked into something not realizing how daunting the task was until you’re caught in the middle of it?  Enter, Table Mountain. A centerpiece of Cape Town, it was only fair that we[…]

Yoga Shenanigans

I started practicing yoga after being coerced by a friend during my last summer internship.  Although I secretly always wished to start, it was extremely daunting and I felt very insecure about my abilities.  To put[…]

Africa is More than This

I pet a lion cub.  Six-months-old and lying next to two other cubs, the lion was everything I could have imagined and more.  Before we walked into the compound, the facilitator warned not to touch the[…]

Historical Divides and Future Possibilities

A frequent term you’ll hear in South Africa is Townships.  Townships are underdeveloped communities that oftentimes lack proper electricity, water, and infrastructure.  As a result of the Apartheid era, townships became peripheral settlements away from[…]