Table Mountain (is no joke)

Have you ever walked into something not realizing how daunting the task was until you’re caught in the middle of it?  Enter, Table Mountain.

A centerpiece of Cape Town, it was only fair that we decided to scale it.  I found out afterward the death toll on this mountain rivals Everest.  Although the number of hikers up this mountain is probably much greater than for Everest, it still is no less intimidating!

It took our group an average of 2 hours to climb the mountain.  We all went at difference paces but stuck together in smaller groups to stay safe.  Good news; we all made it out alive.  Bad news; Jojo’s phone did not.  Three-quarters up the mountain, we decided to venture off the path onto a small ledge.  I vividly remember Jojo saying;

“Do it for the ‘gram!”

She’s a big Instagram know-it-all so I did not question the expert!  Anyhow, ten minutes later after we finished taking pictures, Jojo stood up while her phone was still in her lap.  Time stopped or rather, slowed down.  We gasped at one another, eyes wide, jaws dropped open, gaping as her phone flew off the ledge.  Then I proceeded to shout out loud for anyone in the near vicinity to hear;

“She dropped her phone off a cliff!”

Mind you, there were quite a few people around and everyone stopped too.  I did not know what prompted me to announce this fiasco to the world.  Perhaps, I thought everyone should be knowledgeable of the horrid act that had just occurred.  Alright, I’m being melodramatic now.

Anyhow, we scramble off the ledge and Jojo finds her phone!  Except…

R.I.P. Jojo’s phone.

It’s destroyed. Takeaway: grasp your phones tightly, children!  However, she was still able to scavage her photos in the phone, despite its mangled appearance.  Eventually – many struggles aside – we did manage to make it up to the top of the mountain.

Take a look at some of the beautiful views in the photos below.  The scenery was really breathtaking and all the much sweeter after our arduous journey to get there.

Final Verdict: 5/5

Table Mountain is a must do in Cape Town!  Whether you climb the mountain or take the cable car (which had a rotating floor so you got a 360 degrees point of view), Table Mountain is a spectacular experience!

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