Eagle Pose

A quick look back to Cape Town when our cohort went on a Cape Peninsula tour.   We stopped along a scenic route to grab some nice pictures.  I’ve identified a reoccurring theme when we take yoga pics: Jojo and I irrationally gravitate to attempting poses whilst standing on rocks, further highlighting our toppling madness.  It’s amazing fun though.  How often can one stand on African soil trying to hold a yoga position with gorgeous Cape Peninsula mountains in the background?

Many of our poses thus far are limited to standing (until we find/use flatter surfaces).  In this case, we tried the eagle pose.  Bending our knees slightly, you fold one leg over the other and wrap it around the calf.  Then, you wrap the opposite arm around the other arm, bent at a 90 degree angle.

For every decent pose captured, I assure you that there were at least 5-10 of us tumbling over.  In most cases, a quick behind the scene snapshot of us trying to take these pictures include a sequence of burst photos by the photographer and the posing candidate shouting:

“Now! Now!  Take the picture!!”

Then in the next second, we fall over.  Art is fleeting.  But who am I kidding?  We need more practice.  Eventually, we’ll hold the poses for a while longer (a second).  In the meantime, we are still having the time of our lives.

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