Destination: Johannesburg, South Africa

After an arduous 22 hour journey, I arrived in Johannesburg in one piece.  My first surprise in South Africa was the steering wheels in the cars.  It was my first time being in a country that had right-sided steering wheels!  Considering I just received my full license back at home, it was strange to see everything backward.  Or rather; the opposite of what I was used to.

Coming to South Africa to work with NGOs and social businesses, there is a constant conscious thought: to not let limit myself by my western way of thinking.  Although we are all a product of our past and undoubtedly shaped by the environment in which we grew up in, if my preconceived notions dictate the way I act here, I’ll be unable to learn or experience this journey authentically.

Current mantra of this trip (and in life): be open-minded.  It’s easier said than done though… But hopefully, you can be the judge of that as I share the trip over the next several weeks.

Down the aisle in Woolworths, a chain of retail and grocery stores in Johannesburg.


Temporary room at Auckland Park. The giraffe in the background is an endearing touch. Welcome to Africa.


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