Food Delights

The first two weeks in Johannesburg have been a whirlwind.  The first week was orientation, the second week kicked off work and now, looking back before time flies by even quicker, I have decided to feature one of the most important features thus far; food.


At Moyo Zoo Lake, the Casablanca Chicken Tagine. 


At The Grind Coffee Company, a Macchiato in a chocolate-glazed ice cream cone

The following pictures are dedicated to the Neighborgoods Market.  Every weekend, vendors of all kinds gather in Braamfontein.  Our Emzingo cohort arrived with empty stomaches and high spirits.  We were not disappointed.

Located in a large warehouse setting, the bottom floor offered fresh foods of all sorts.  Walking in, I was immediately offered a delicious bacon maple waffle sample that ironically reminded me of Canada.  Although the food options seemed endless, my appetite was not.  Which was why I became quite determined to explore the entire market before making any decisions.

The Neighborgoods Market consisted of two floors; the first floor filled with delightful scents and delicious foods, the second floor with local goods and a rooftop patio.  On the second floor, vendors sold jewellery, clothes, and a number of accessories from watches to phone cases.


In the centre of the first floor, a long table was available for people to enjoy the foods they just purchased; fresh and right off the grill.  With high spirits, people would be united because of a collective passion for food.  Whoever said laughter is the universal language forgot to mention good food!


Desserts with no end. Heaven.


South African twist on sushi! The Japanese head chef in the back casually raises his thumb in approval.



The fruit tart was a piece of art.  I could barely name all the fruits on the tart and was also curious if it tasted just as good as it looked.  For 35 Rand, which comes to around CAD $3, I was slightly overwhelmed by its presentation.  After taking a profuse number of photos, I finally convinced myself the tart was to eat, not to photograph; although, nowadays with all these food pictures, who knows?

Anyhow, it was delicious.  Bursting with flavour, each different bite was accompanied by another unique fruit that really offered a unique tart experience.  Can you name all the fruits on the tart?  I spotted; apple, grape, strawberry, passionfruit, strawberry, pineapple, pomegranate…

Overall, the Neighborgoods Market is an absolutely must see in Johannesburg.  Highly recommended because of the spectacular foods and great atmosphere.  From desserts to fresh juices to espresso tequila ice cream, there is not a “defined” set of foods you can expect at the market.  Instead, make sure to come with an empty stomach!

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