Yoga Shenanigans

I started practicing yoga after being coerced by a friend during my last summer internship.  Although I secretly always wished to start, it was extremely daunting and I felt very insecure about my abilities.  To put it bluntly, reaching for my toes felt as far as grasping a winning lottery ticket.  It was bleak.

But eventually, the more I practiced, I focused less on what others would think and became immersed in the yoga.  A year later, I am now confident enough to admit I enjoy yoga and am committed to becoming better at it.  One thing I’ve realized as a personal fault is the insecurity of openly admitting a goal in fear of not achieving it.  Ironically, by refusing to acknowledge these goals, I set myself up for failure.  How can one reach something if he or she cannot even solidify the objective?

Thus, a year later, I openly confess and embrace my love for yoga.  And what better place to kick-off the adventure than in Cape Town?  I want to share this experience with my amazing friend Jojo.  Jojo and I are by no means yoga experts.  We prefer the term; two young fanatics having a fun.  We both study at McGill University, but through the Emzingo experience, we’ve connected in many ways.  Anyhow, hopefully, we will be able to continue snapping pictures of us doing simple yoga poses with nice scenic backgrounds.  In truth, yoga is the anchor to this documentation, but it’s our laughter and delight derived from it that makes us keep going.  Do what you love!