Welcome to The Lively Road!  I’m ecstatic for you to join me on this journey.   The name is a play on words from the lonely road because in truth, sometimes the path we venture downwards can be filled with a myriad of challenges but all we can do is change our perception.  Thus, let me change the lonely road into a livelier one.

The Lively Road is a place filled with travel, lifestyle, and food adventures.   Here, I hope to highlight the excitement and riches of each exploration while embracing the traversed paths.

 While we each have our own stories, The Lively Road is an outlet to encourage venturing outwards and to creating memories of your own.  There isn’t a right or wrong path and my only objective through this experience of blogging is to hope that you cherish the lessons on your road as I try to do on mine.

Thank you for your love and support!