Food Delights

The first two weeks in Johannesburg have been a whirlwind.  The first week was orientation, the second week kicked off work and now, looking back before time flies by even quicker, I have decided to[…]

Day 1 at Driven Entrepreneurs

Today marks my first day of work at Driven Entrepreneurs, a start-up company incubated at the Awethu Project.  But before I begin diving into Driven, I’ll provide some background information on how I even ended[…]

Apartheid Museum

Before delving into the packed day, I have come to a robust conclusion about the Johannesburg weather; it’s cold.  Ironically, it’s 20 degrees Celsius in the afternoons and yes, I did grow up in Canada.[…]

Braamfontein on Foot

Welcome to Braamfontein.  Also known as Braam, Braamfontein is a swanky suburb in Johannesburg. Quick side note: some other popular acronyms used in town are Jozi and Joburg, both which represent Johannesburg. Braamfontein has been[…]

Destination: Johannesburg, South Africa

After an arduous 22 hour journey, I arrived in Johannesburg in one piece.  My first surprise in South Africa was the steering wheels in the cars.  It was my first time being in a country[…]

Packing with a Pinch of Nerves

The emotions of a trip gradually feel more surreal following each step: Packing Or more appropriately, last-minute panicking.  No matter the amount of planning, there always seems to be a scramble and the constant nagging[…]